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Never did my thoughts rush back,

To those brief moments, very same!

Or wanted to hear the song that,

Made our first meeting enchanted!


Never ever did it occur to me that,

I could draw, scribble a few lines

Or script the scene of our next

Meeting and tune it to perfection!


Never did I know I could feel you,

Even when we are miles apart!

Or hear your silvery voice while

Diving deep below, vividly so real!


Never did I crave for the door bell

Nor a beep on my phone. Rains were,

No longer just water pouring down.

And clouds weren’t its vapours!


Never been lost so deep in thoughts,

Nor did I  introspect them over and over!

Lately been on verge of being diabetic

By the dreams you wish me every night


Neither could I clearly distinguish,

The hues nor subtle facial emotions!

The canvas on which eyes portrayed,

Hasn’t ever been so pristine before!


Never have I felt so lively, spirits,

So high, and unique in every sense!

I had felt more contented with stars,

Over memories in darkest of nights.


The world seems to be quite different!

Or am I the one who has changed?

Are the feelings quite strange? to,

A fresher in the school of Romance!


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